Sewper Cover Announces 2016 WEFTEC Appearance


(Houston, TX)—Sewper Cover, a nationwide provider of non-metallic Composite Manhole Cover products, has announced their participation in the 2016 WEFTEC Conference. The conference will be held at New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, from September 24 through the 28,and Sewper Cover will occupy Booth 1138 at the conference’s Exhibitor Center.

“We are beyond excited to be presenting as an exhibitor at this year’s WEFTEC conference,” said Eric Dupre of Sewper Cover. “Water quality is a huge issue all around the country, and our company has played a role in leading the way toward using better, more durable products like our FRP Manhole Cover to protect municipal sewer systems in a way that is environmentally-friendly and completely sustainable. We could not be more proud of what our team has been able to accomplish in the industry and we are grateful for the opportunity to show conference attendees what we have to offer that can have great impact in their cities.”

The Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) is the largest conference of its kind in North America. The conference offers water quality professionals the opportunity to gain education and training on water quality issues and ideas for improvement. WFTEC’s annual water quality exhibition is recognized as the largest in the world and is well attended by leaders from the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and water quality markets who are actively looking for equipment and services to help solve related problems in their jurisdiction.

As Dupre continued, “From our FRP-based covers to our Composite Manhole Rings, Sewper Cover offers only the best in manhole protection products. Our products give municipalities the legitimate opportunity to ensure the protection of their infrastructure while saving money in the long run. We can’t wait to show leaders across the country what we have to offer and how we can help them improve the sustainability of their sewer systems.”

About Sewper Cover:

Sewper Cover is a premier provider of manhole covers. Their non-metallic composite covers and rings eliminate the problem of corrosion, saving municipalities across the country millions of dollars and ensuring that sewer systems last longer and stay stronger. The composite covers offered by Sewper wear longer, look better and can even be customized with logos and colors. Ultimately, it is the company’s goal to provide the perfect solution for municipalities everywhere.


Paul Pogba: Manchester United re-sign France midfielder for world-record £89m

Paul Pogba said “the time is right to go back to 1xbet Old Trafford” after completing his world-record £89m transfer to Manchester United.
The 23-year-old midfielder returns after four years away, having left United for Juventus for £1.5m in 2012.
Pogba, who signed a five-year deal, added: “This is the right club for me to achieve everything I hope to.”
Manager Jose Mourinho said the France international could be “the heart of the club” for the next decade.
United will pay the Italian champions 105m euros for Pogba, plus 5m euros (£4.5m) in performance-related bonuses and other costs.
It surpasses Wales forward Gareth Bale’s £85m move to Real Madrid from Spurs in 2013 as the biggest transfer deal in history.
The announcement was made just after 00:30 BST, with a 1xbet glossy video showing the player – with a red devil marked into his hair – emerging from the shadows.
It was followed by a series of sponsor videos, including one with English rapper Stormzy.

Study: My Understanding of Systems

What You Should Know About PBX Phone Systems Private Branch Exchange or simply PBX is a private telephone network used in an organization. The system supplies intercommunication between a large numbers of phone stations and performs concentration of central office lines or trunks. Connections to the public switched telephone network are supplied by the central office lines. All the stations in the particular organization can share the use of the lines, made possible by the concentration facet of the PBX. Also apart from the concentration aspect, the PBX has the intercommunication aspect. This is exactly what allows several PBX stations which are connected to make calls between them without using the central office gear. PBX System Components A typical PBX system consists of cabinets, vaults or closets, Switchboard, a micro-controller, outdoor telco trunks, telephone sets, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the PBX’s internal switching board of the PBX, only to mention several parts.
Why Telephones Aren’t As Bad As You Think
PBX Variety
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Systems
The PBX phone systems can be of four different choices namely, PBX, Hosted PBX, IP PBX and hosted IP PBX. The PBX and IP PBX are alternatives that are in-house and are to be used oo an individual’s own hardware. Virtual options or the hosted PBX permit employees within an organization work from cell phones, a hotel or home while still being connected to an identical office telephone system. It is because the telephone system is managed or hosted by your provider of telephone services. It can thus be advantageous particularly in small and moderate-sized organizations as it enables them to have a telephone system that is sophisticated without needing to spend money on telephone gear. Edges to your business They truly are popular in businesses and organizations seeking a phone system to communicate within and with the world at large. That is largely to the many advantages over other phone systems. As an example, a PBX enables you to have more phones than physical phone lines (PTSN) would and it allows the users to make free calls. The fact that they are using interfaces and open standards, they are usually more adaptive than proprietary systems. Why IP PBX Systems Of more pros is the IP-PBX systems, many businesses are switching to this choice because it cuts costs and it’s flexible. This really is a complete telephone system providing you with phone calls over IP data networks, such that all communication is sent as data packets over the network. It consists SIP telephones (one or more), an IP PBX server and a Voice over IP Gateway, which will be optional, to connect to existing PSTN lines. As you’ve seen PBX phone systems come with quite a number of advantages to a business or company. It really is thus only logical to consider them for your business.